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Movement, animations & ideas


While I’m finding it hard to update this blog when I can’t actively work on the game. I have gotten a little done this Sunday.

Simple movement and animation! :D

I imported the great library iTween to speed up development and it’s turning out really great. Some of the network aspects are a little tricky and I now need to clean up/remove the old implementation but all in all this is a good solid step forward. This will also massively simplify the BaseNpc class witch is good because..


Food for thought

I have been sketching ideasĀ up the basics for a add-on to the BaseNpc, including things like: stats(str, con, vit, dex, agi, int, wis), race, material(being, MaterialType) bodytype(humanoid(humans, dwarfs, elves, etc), arachnid(spiders, scorpions), dragon(fourlegged winged badass), winged(aves), FourLegged(Felidae, Canidae, Elephantidae)). while the Fourlegged class really makes me nervous that this is not the best way to do it. I think this basic system will fit good with the animation/bones system and chopping off extremity is a must.

Well I hope I post again soon to give a update on the BaseNpc upgrade and maybe even a hostile npc type :D