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Long awaited summer update

Holy shit its been a long time!

The website is new(3rd time?), its fast, colorless, and good enough for now!

There is a new video up, check it out

I don’t know if that will actually show an if there are any typos in this post..
But fuck plugins I’m not slowing this speedy site down!

Links are needed because I haven’t posted in ages:
PaulUsul Twitter
Twitch dev stream

So many links, so serious. no really I have a fucking tumblr!? What? Actually I linked it to the screenshots section and embedded it(not pretty), so it works well for posting once and getting it out everywhere :)

Now I just need to post this video to indidb and I can go to bed!

Tasks done and YouTube



Well easter weekend came and went and while I wish it was longer, the crunch is up. I did get most of the things done and even caught some bugs, yeah!

From last posts list(obviously Sunday is Monday when it’s a holiday):

  • Done! Green cube enemy ai, no stats, no animations, no bullshit! 
  • Done! Mob spawner in waves, random intervals (10-40 secs), classic tower defense proven fun.
  • Done! Action: find and attack
  • Done, no stats/respawn though, just hp&attack Stats: Constitution(hit points), Strength(attack), Vitality(hp regeneration & respawn time)

Nice to have

  • No bar, just a number :( Health bar
  • Done! he’s name is Muktar and he walks sexy! Enemy model, 1h < walk animation


All in all the gray list looks good and it feels great with so many done. For this week the goal is to work 1 hour all days but Friday. This was a 10m post, so hopefully not to lacking of content, but still far from long :)

I also got a YouTube channel up: Dwarven Kingdoms. No videos up yet, but got a mic test and hopefully I can squeeze out a video in an hour. Go subscribe so you don’t miss the first video


Till next time! hopefully soon, lets say no later than Friday