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Hard times, Second wind!

Hey everyone,


I got back from my trip to Berlin 2 days ago and even though my hangover is almost gone I still feel quite low. 6 days of non stop partying will do that to you, on top of not getting any work done I must admit I’m feeling quite unmotivated and 5 minutes ago I almost gave up on this entire dream of mine.

That’s one of the reasons I started this site and invested time and effort into it, so I can’t just leave my code in an unfinished project folder and walk away from it. Albeit it’s not a lot of money for some simple hosting and only a handful of days for site development, but it’s not nothing. it’s up and indexed and ad approved and even though there’s no one out there currently reading it. I still feel responsible to something or someone.


I think one of the main reasons I get this impulse to give up, is that the task at hand is so large and so much is still unfinished and ugly. I keep telling my self that I will limit the scope and get a demo, but it always grows and I end up fixing, polishing or optimizing something not on the task list in front of me.

So from now on, everything will be slow, ugly and buggy!


The battle plan, deadline Sunday.

  • Green cube enemy ai, no stats, no animations, no bullshit!
  • Mob spawner in waves, random intervals (10-40 secs), classic tower defense proven fun.
  • Action: find and attack
  • Stats: Constitution(hit points), Strength(attack), Vitality(hp regeneration & respawn time)

Nice to have

  • Health bar
  • Enemy model, 1h < walk animation


As I am making this list I can feel my imagination take over and the list just goes to infinity, together with my brain and any chance of completion. So I have to stop. For any unthinkable chance that I reach the end, I will record a short video of the progress, create a YouTube channel and polish/optimize to my heart’s content :)

I will post back at the end of the weekend, this post really lifted my spirit. Second wind!

And thanks to anyone that reads all of this, you’re the reason I’m fighting on.

Movement, animations & ideas


While I’m finding it hard to update this blog when I can’t actively work on the game. I have gotten a little done this Sunday.

Simple movement and animation! :D

I imported the great library iTween to speed up development and it’s turning out really great. Some of the network aspects are a little tricky and I now need to clean up/remove the old implementation but all in all this is a good solid step forward. This will also massively simplify the BaseNpc class witch is good because..


Food for thought

I have been sketching ideas up the basics for a add-on to the BaseNpc, including things like: stats(str, con, vit, dex, agi, int, wis), race, material(being, MaterialType) bodytype(humanoid(humans, dwarfs, elves, etc), arachnid(spiders, scorpions), dragon(fourlegged winged badass), winged(aves), FourLegged(Felidae, Canidae, Elephantidae)). while the Fourlegged class really makes me nervous that this is not the best way to do it. I think this basic system will fit good with the animation/bones system and chopping off extremity is a must.

Well I hope I post again soon to give a update on the BaseNpc upgrade and maybe even a hostile npc type :D


The simple plan

Hi and welcome to the site!

I just got everything setup! I have been sick these last 2 week and a wordPress site was a fitting thing to tinker with over the weekend, so not to kill myself out of boredom.

So here it is, what’s the plan? The main plan is to work on the game then voice thoughts, explain ideas and get feedback here.

Site roadmap:

  • Unity web player with a demo of the game.
  • More forums
  • Tweaking layout
  • Get a good posting habit

Game roadmap:

  • Material creation
  • Item creation
  • Enemy Ai
  • Tools creation
  • Simple combat prototype
  • Demo

I think that’s that for this time, hopefully I will get a good posting habit over this first month.