Dwarven Kingdoms is ours!

A new home, Dwarven Kingdoms

Dwarven Kingdoms has been chosen! the domain bought and all(2) of the old blog post moved here. This is the new and final foreseeable home for the game and I love it :D

I have been moulding over different names in my head for the past 6 months or so. Names like dwarf craft and Mine Dwarf! where long standing beta names, but where always to generic and didn’t really inspire anything in me; just a place holder and resembling dwarf fortress and mine craft to much. The name Dwarven Kingdoms has the possibility to be epic while not being over the top and with a added postfix episode name like Dwarven Kingdoms: A hero forgotten. It gives it a little depth and makes it less vague.

Look and feel.

5$ in the buzzword-jar for that one. I haven’t chosen a theme or migrated the old one because I hope I can get some help on the matter, from a friend that actually knows a thing or two about design and all that jazz.

A short list of pages I’d like for the site here:


The first place where new comers arrive, should contain all the basics. A trailer showing the game, a short explanation on getting started, learning more, and contributing.


A wide page with no widgets that contains the game. If you login to the site the game should check and auto login. So you can check remember me and just have a link and play the game, wham bam.


A place for suggestions, bug reports and asynchronous banter. Forums are a must have for feedback.


A credits list of people and their contributions, probably also a hall of fame of great players, medals and so forth. Also the great family names of all the seasons


A development blog containing my thoughts, ideas and a place to show case game related material. Also a place to collect thoughts from comments on what people think about my ideas and plans.

This is getting a little lengthy and I can’t quite figure out the best format for this bloggy stuff. I’ll sign off to get back to the game and promise that my next post will have some eye candy and less boring lengthy lists :)

Here are some sites I like and that I think will inspire me: RedKnightGames, RandomBasic. Any and all comments are welcome regarding anything :)


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